About us: Online Racers Club

Welcome to the "About us" page of our unique online racing club! We are a platform that brings together passionate fans of racing simulations and virtual motorsports.

Our values:

Passion: We truly love the world of racing simulations and everything related to motorsport. Our passion for racing is the driving force behind our club and we strive to share this passion with every member of our community.


We believe that competition stimulates growth and development. In our club you will find a variety of tournaments and championships that provide an opportunity to test your skills and compare them with other riders.


Our club is more than just a racing platform. This is a friendly community where you can connect with like-minded people, share experiences, share tips and make new friends among virtual car racing fans.


We maintain the spirit of continuous improvement. Regardless of your skill level, our club provides the resources and support to help you improve your racing skills and reach new heights.


We welcome riders of all skill levels and interests. Whether you have experience as a professional pilot or are just starting out in the world of virtual racing, we have a place for everyone.

Racing is not only a competition, but also a way to have fun and have fun. Discover the fascinating world of virtual cars, dynamic tracks and the excitement of racing.